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Metroland  (= Andy De Decker, Sven Lauwers)

The Belgian band Metroland will perform at the 2016 Edition of the Electronic Circus Festival on 01.10.2016 at the Sommertheater in Detmold, Germany!

With a strong and productive career in the electronic scene together, longtime Belgian friends and partners in synthetic crime, Passenger A and Passenger S decided to take on a new challenge and create a conceptual band project focusing on the daily routine of transportation and commuting to work. Metroland was born.

Emerged from the love for vintage keys and taking a direction which is directly inspired by the likes of British Mute Records act Komputer and German pioneers Kraftwerk, Metroland will ride you through an electronic landscape, layered with authentic warm sequences and robotic vocals, accompanied by analogue drum machines.

The fantastic music combined with the really outstanding and stunning visuals is something really special for all electronic music gourmets!
After last year’s great concert at the Electri_City Conference in Düsseldorf, many great festival gigs in Europe and as a very successful Support act on the last OMD Tour in the Netherlands and Belgium Metroland will return to Germany in October to perform for the first time ever at the Electronica and Traditional Electronic music based Electronic Circus Festival!

Welcome to the show Metroland!

Bildergebnis für Metroland Musik  Bildergebnis für Metroland Musik


Die belgische Formation Metroland ist durch starke Anleihen an deutsche EM Pioniere beeinflusst (Kraftwerk) und wird uns durch elektronische Landschaften mit authentisch warmen Sequenzen, mit Roboter-Gesang begleitet von analogen Drum-Machines führen. Diese fantastische Musik wird untermalt mit atemberaubenden Visuals und Animationen.  Metroland haben schon viele Fans auch bei der letzten OMD-Tour in den Niederlanden und in Belgien begeistert

Here some musical references of Metroland:


Mind the Gap                         2012

Triadic Ballet                          2015

Things will never sound the same again   2016

Things Will Never Sound The Same Again cover art