BAR  (Band Am Rhein)

The german band BAR (Band am Rhein) will perform at the 2016 Edition of the Electronic Circus Festival on 01.10.2016 at the Sommertheater in Detmold, Germany!

The Düsseldorf duo BAR, consisting of Stabil Elite musician Lucas Croon and Christina Irrgang, debuted in 2014 with a musical hybrid between New Wave, Balearic, Shoegaze, Dream Pop and Noir Songwriting. Lucas Croon sings as if he had studied with Nick Cave, Brian Ferry and Chris Isaak. The lady at his side, Christina Irrgang, is no less elegant: Her timbre seems completely absorbed in the music, and yet it somehow floats above it, bold and cool. The effect is reminiscent of Claudia Brücken from the Düsseldorf synthpop band Propaganda, whose magical coldness was simply an extremely fascinating form of white soul.

Passion can be felt in everything they say, sing and play. Passion for love, for nights in a neon glow, for dark pulsating bass lines, black and white romance, driving synth beats – aestheticism with no objection to the natural.

Their strong melody accented songs were recorded in the original with flute, synthesizers, drums, soundtrack samples, vocal collages and instruments such as the Pocket Piano.

We discoverd BAR at the Electri_City Conference in Düsseldorf last year and were instantly fascinated of what we saw live on stage. We promise you all will love it too instantly.

BAR sounds like an incredible mix of Prefab Sprout, Dream Academy, Propaganda and Bryan Ferry in its very own and very special „Düsseldorf Style“. A complete unique music experience in the present days.

After many concerts in clubs , at festivals , in the context of art or in the fashion scene , the duo now will enter the stage of the 2016 edition of the Electronic Circus Festival!

Welcome to the show BAR!

Here some musical references of BAR:…/sets/bar-welcome-to-bar-ita-099


Welcome to Bar   (2014)

Welcome To BAR cover art