Der Opener 2015 in unserer neuen Lokalität "Sommertheater Detmold" wird MEESHA (Misja van Waterschoot) aus den Niederlanden sein. Meesha hatte bereits 2009 unser Festival mit einem furiosen Konzert eröffnet, hat sich aber seitdem LIVE etwas rar auf den Bühnen gemacht. Umso mehr freuen wir uns ihn nach 6 Jahren endlich wieder präsentieren zu können. Wir versprechen ein echtes LIVE-Spektakel !!!

Biofgrafie von Meesha:

Inspired by the music of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Kraftwerk, MEESHA started composing his own music in the early 90's. In his home studio the first instrumental songs were recorded, resulting in the release of his first album: "A Voyage to the Unknown". In 1996 MEESHA worked on a "concept album" which featured music inspired by the "Titanic". Rich arrangements and atmospheric soundscapes gave this album its character.

After hearing Björk's album "Homogenic" MEESHA started working on his first vocal album. Using lots of soundprocessing, MEESHA developed his very own style. "The man of your Creation" was released in 1999.  The listeners of the Belgian radio station Studio Brussel elected "Cold Love"- a track from this album - Demo of the month.

In 1999 "Pentorama" was released. An instrumental album with an analog sound,  inspired by the early  Jean Michel Jarre albums, followed by "Waves" in 2002. This album presented  an electro-ambient  sound featuring soundscapes and electronic beats.

The second vocal album called "Fading " appeared in 2004. An album with a fresh electro-pop sound. It was the first album which people could download for free. It got some airplay on local and national radio stations, and was downloaded by  people all over the world. Its follow up "Reverse"  featured a mix of electro-pop, rock and dance. This album was also available as a free download.

In 2008 a new instrumental album was released called "NOVIA". Going back to the sound of the analog synthesizers of the 70's.  MEESHA recorded 10 tracks with lots of electronic sound-scapes, rythmic sequencers and rich harmonies. In 2009 MEESHA performed at the Electronic- Circus Festival in Germany. He played music from the NOVIA album, and a live version of Oxygene 7 by Jean Michel Jarre.

MEESHA received the Schalwelle Award for "Best newcomer 2009" . This Award for Electronic Music is an initiative of German organisations like record labels, magazines, radio stations and festivals, and is presented every year. In the online listeners vote the album "NOVIA" was elected 3th best album and MEESHA was 2nd best artist of 2009.

The concert at Electronic-circus was released on DVD in 2010. Featuring a full length concert registration, and the television interview for Lokalvision.

"Within the Parallel" is MEESHA's 9th album. Atmospheric and melodic synthesizer-music featuring 8 tracks. Released in 2010 and as part of the "Schallwelle Award" this album is released as a complete CD production. It is not available for download but it can be purchased directly from this website.

In 2013 the album "Ether" was released. Dedicated to the invisible medium in which radio, television and communication waves travel. Musically influenced by artistst such as "Tangerine Dream", Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk.

Future plans include a re-release of "Within the Parallel" in a new 5.1 surround mix.


Das Live Konzert aus 2009 ist hier zu sehen:


A Voyage to the Unknown (Compilation of synthesizer songs 1993-1997)   1997

Titanic    (Atmospheric soundtrack)         1996/97

Pentorama   (Electro Pop, vocal)             1999

The Man of your Creation  (Electro Pop) 1999

Waves                                                     2002

Fading   (Electro Pop,vocal)                    2004

Reverse   (Electro Pop/Rock vocal)         2006

Novia                                                     2008

Within the Parallel                                   2010

Ether                                                      2013


Dutch Masters                                        2011




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